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A new mode of transportation

The Arctic Amphibian is finally an answer to the challenge of traveling fast on ice, snow and shallow water in all seasons.

In all areas where the sea or lakes freeze during the winter, people have to be transported comfortably over water, ice and snow without risk of going through the ice or getting wet and cold. And those who dare to walk on weak ice or become isolated on islands have to be often rescued to safety.

The Arctic Amphibian is a solution to these problems. We offer different models and customise every amphibian to suit your needs. Air suspension is the key to our success.

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Are you interested in test-driving a modern airboat?

Now you have the chance to test-drive airboats when available. Send e-mail to info@airboats.fi and tell us which airboat you are interested in and when you could come and test it. We will contact you and suggest some dates for test drives.



New Arctic Airboat PE 70 available in January!

We have started to build the first of the PE 450 Rescue airboats.